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Should You Get a Diesel Engine Car?

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When buying a fuel-injected car, there are at least two options available to you: a diesel-powered and a gasoline-powered car. Between the two, diesel is usually regarded as noisy and smelly, thus making it ideal only for trucks, trailers, and tractors. Gas, on the other hand, is cleaner and the more obvious choice.  

Diesel Engine

And there’s actually some sort of truth to those claims. Diesel-powered vehicles are rather slow, noisy, and smelly. But one of the main advantages that they have is that they are cheaper to run than gas. While diesel-powered engines are not as powerful as gas-powered vehicles the former offers more torque. There’s actually a thin line as to which between the two is really better so it pays to go through every aspect thoroughly.   

Diesel versus Gasoline 

Here are some factors to consider if you’re looking to buy a car but you still can’t decide which between a gasoline-powered and a diesel-powered vehicle you’ll get. Hopefully, the list below will serve as your guide: 

  1. Initial investment

As far as initial investment is concerned, diesel engines tend to be more expensive.  Diesel-powered vehicles cost higher than gas-powered vehicles and that’s a fact. This is because a diesel engine is composed of fairly expensive parts. Gas engines, on the other hand, tend to cost a little bit lower because the parts are cheaper.  

  1. Operating costs

While diesel-powered cars tend to cost higher at the onset, the price of the fuel itself changes the game. While the initial investment on a diesel engine is higher, it is far cheaper to run and operate because fuel-wise, diesel is much cheaper than gasoline. You’ll tend to get more mileage on the same amount you spend on diesel than gas.  

  1. Durability 

A diesel-powered car tends to be more reliable because it is heavier and has a less complicated configuration. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for gas-powered engines. On a regular durability and longevity test, diesel vehicles will win the game. 

  1. Performance

If how your car looks and performs are important, then you really have to look closely at your two options to get the best choice. Diesel cars are generally loud and they tend to emit black smoke through their exhaust. Gas-powered vehicles, on the other hand, emit lighter smoke. This is because diesel fuel is a bit dirtier than gas.  

  1. Power 

When it comes to power, gas engines will emerge as the winner. Gasoline-powered cars are more tunable than diesel-powered cars. That means you get better power spikes from gas engines. However, diesel engine cars make up for that through a turbo-charged system.  

These are the important points of comparison that you have to consider to correctly decide if a diesel-powered car is the better choice for you or not. The over-all gasoline or diesel performance of your car is a crucial point to consider, especially if you have certain things in mind that you want to do with your car. Every single one of these points carries a bearing so take all the time you need when deciding. Cars are huge investments and you surely want to buy the one that suits your specific requirements.  


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